Michigan Event Parking offers a variety of game day parking and hospitality options within walking distance from the Univeristy of Michigan Stadium. Contact us to set up your group reservation today!


Hospitality Spaces


For tailgate parties over 25 people, a hospitality space may be reserved on a single-game basis. Please email [email protected] with group/event details to coordinate your reservation.


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Hospitality A $1000
Hospitality B $1000
Hospitality C $500
Hospitality D $500
Hospitality E $500
  • Hospitality reservations require payment in full at the time of reservation.
  • No refunds for Hospitality reservations
  • Hospitality reservation fees do not include parking for guests of the hospitality party.
  • Auto parking passes can be purchased, in advance, up to 30 days before the event date. These passes will be provided to the event coordinator for distribution. Alternately, hospitality guests may purchase a parking pass upon entry.
  • Guests will be parked as directed by parking personnel based on available lot space.
  • Two parking spots are made available adjacent to the site for the coordinator, caterer, etc – assessed at the General Auto Game Day Pass rate.
  • Details for Hospitality space setups must be communicated to Michigan Event Parking prior to the event date. Arrangements must be made for delivery of site materials within allowable time frames (Friday evenings and Saturday mornings). Areas must be clear by noon Sunday.